Cost Savings

Enhanced Efficiency through Tailored Quality and Talent Management

Customized to Scale Faster

Optimized Quality Management and Expert Talent Customization: Strategically Designed to Boost Performance and Reduce Costs. Experience a unique blend of precision-driven quality control and specially selected talents, ensuring a seamless balance of enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Having OneBPO Managed Services Inc. as their Number 1 offshore outsourcing partner generate more profits for our clients. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. Complete Infrastructure and Technology

Companies save 20% on fixed costs like hardware, software, and general administrative expenses.

In OneBPO, we built our building from the ground up and equipped it with the latest facilities. You can scale faster by not worrying and spending on up-to-date computers, headsets, furniture, dependable internet connectivity, and power backups like generators.

2. All-Inclusive Management Package

Companies spend 80% on their onshore staff

...and you would need to manage them yourself or get a manager whose expensive salary would be added to your expenditures. Whereas OneBPO includes everything into our packages such as costs of a 24/7 IT support, human resources, finance, quality assurance, maintenance and security — integrated with their salary, benefits, bonuses, taxes and the conducive and healthy working environment each company needs to provide their employees with.

3. Best Value for Money

It’s important to note that we are not the cheapest because managed services require a high level of skill. We justify our pricing by hiring leaders with more than 15 years of experience. We also hire and support passionate and high performing agents so we could bring in good results for every campaign. We want our client’s success as much as ours. If you compare all of what we offer with getting an in-house management and operations team of your own for the same results, you are still saving up to 86% on your overall costs.