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Began as a startup by our founder James Rick Stinson way in 2004 as GlobalSky with only 12 agents, it has made way to its offspring OneBPO through the partnership with our CEO Alice Ledesma-Bautista. OneBPO is currently running with over 500 agents for both office-based and home-based operations in the Philippines. It is now a leading provider of managed call center services and back-office support for small to mid-sized businesses in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Asia Pacific. 

From Metro Manila to Metro Cebu, OneBPO has now expanded in the booming and most livable city in the Philippines: Metro Iloilo — to tap into a talent pool filled with great potential to better provide our partners with their recruitment needs.

Choose OneBPO as your outsourcing partner! Take us with you as you grow your company and together we can soar to business success.

Our Mission

Enable client’s success through high-value service and superior performance.

We are passionate about creating sustainable solutions that provide word-class customer experience and maximum profitability, positively impacting the lives of our workforce, clients, partners, shareholders, and the community.

Our Vision

Be the Epitome of Outsourcing!

Be the #1 company that comes to mind when clients think about outsourcing by leading in ensuring our clients with strategic expansion and reasonable return of their investment.

Discover Superior Service, Delivered with Excellence

Experience Quality Managed Services

Optimized Quality Management and Expert Talent Customization: Strategically Designed to Boost Performance and Reduce Costs. Experience a unique blend of precision-driven quality control and specially selected talents, ensuring a seamless balance of enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness.
Our business analysis value-added service will help you determine what you truly need and what you don’t. Our analysis can pinpoint what you need to focus on in order to reach your objectives.
We have a team that supports your operations 24/7 real-time phone, live chat, and email support. Our technical team performs critical troubleshooting for all the reported issues giving our customers a better experience with fast resolutions.
We work on database CRM, we integrate the CRM in our dialer and design and intuitive user interface that help representatives in their call and daily work process.
Our Quality Associates ensure that your team adhere to the quality standards that drive client satisfaction all the time.

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who we are

Experience our Culture

We cater to clients around the globe. With different time zones, we have a 24/7 work setting. To preserve our energetic and vibrant environment, we built our offices with lively interiors and conducive spaces. OneBPO also offers world class channels to de-stress employees and motivate them such as organizing events and Yoga or Zumba classes to help our agents improve their mental and physical capacity. We ensure that every employee is given equal opportunity for growth in every sphere of learning for them to deliver the expected result and performance. Promoting a performance and result driven environment while acknowledging that our employees are not machines and should be treated as human beings, OneBPO cultivates a blended culture of both professionalism and friendliness.

Global Accessibility with 24/7 Operations

Catering to clients worldwide, our round-the-clock service ensures timely and efficient support regardless of time zones.

Vibrant and Healthy Work Environment:

Our lively office interiors and wellness initiatives like Yoga and Zumba classes foster a vibrant, energetic atmosphere, boosting employee morale and productivity.

Empowering Employee Growth and Well-being

At OneBPO, we emphasize equal opportunities for learning and growth, balancing a results-driven approach with the recognition of our employees' humanity, creating a culture of professionalism and friendliness.