Elevate Your Retail

OneBPO's Customer Care Revolution

If there is one good example of business innovation that defies barriers, it is e-commerce. OneBPO’s multi-channel approach is a holistic way to cover real-time on every possible customer point-of-entry: phone, email, SMS, and live chat, for example, facilitating faster and more customer transactions that translate to more new customers, saved existing customers, and more satisfied customers in general. It is, after all, a shame if a Company aims for perfection, yet it falls short on customer satisfaction, which is the best internal or organic business leverage of all.

We banked in on premium industry technology on top of a highly skilled and trained workforce to deliver remarkable e-commerce customer care solutions

It takes minimal time for OBPO to onboard our team of professionals to your technology, brand, and culture.

Among e-commerce customer care solutions we offer are, but not limited to, the following.

Provides customers with a comprehensive resource for information on products, services, and company policies.
Assists customers with all aspects of their billing accounts, including payments, disputes, and adjustments.
Facilitates the entire sales process, from product inquiry and selection to purchase completion.
Offers guidance in navigating company departments or finding specific products or services.
Manages overdue accounts with tactful communication strategies to secure payment while maintaining customer relations.
Offers technical support and troubleshooting assistance for products or services.
Handles inquiries and claims related to product warranties, ensuring customers receive entitled services or replacements.
Manages loyalty programs, rewarding repeat customers and enhancing their overall experience.
Addresses complex or unresolved issues by escalating them to higher-level support or management teams.
Deals with high-priority customer complaints or issues that require direct executive intervention for resolution.
Ensures timely and accurate delivery of products and services to customers.
Provides immediate assistance for urgent product or service issues impacting customer safety or satisfaction.