Experience Unparalleled Service and Comfort in Our Strategically Located, Feature-Rich Complex

OneBPO's Premier Facility: Designed for Client Success

OneBPO is located in a 1,117-square meter facility along the main highway, providing convenience and safety for everyone traveling to the office day and night. The location is surrounded by schools, churches, banks, government offices, police stations, as well as hotels and condominium units within a 1km radius. The complex comprises three buildings that are built and owned by OneBPO. These buildings are specifically designed to accommodate a minimum of 500 working stations and also feature dedicated recruitment and finance offices, conference rooms, an employee lounge, an alfresco pantry, meeting and coaching rooms, an IT office, spacious production floors, and a sales office. Additionally, there is a coffee shop located within the complex, ensuring convenient access to food and beverages for employees working during graveyard shifts. We strive to establish a comfortable, clean, and cozy environment within our office. Our primary objective is to cultivate a friendly culture that empowers our employees to achieve their utmost productivity. We aim to accomplish this by creating a more relaxed office space and fostering inclusivity.

The OneBPO Complex which is located in Iloilo City has been specifically designed and built with workplace productivity and better work experience in mind. We’ve listed down possible issues for our employees and proactively set structures to counteract those performance-inhibiting factors.